Spring’s Must-have Statement Jewelry!

At last! After a drab and wild winter, it’s time to ditch the heavy coats and step into spring in style. This season’s fashion calls for vibrant colors and bold statements -- and that goes for jewellry too. Whether you’re headed to date night or the grocery store, these statement jewellry trends are simple to pull off and sure to brighten your wardrobe.

Must-have Hues
Adam Graham, marketing manager of the nonprofit American Gem Trade Association, reports that this season’s hottest color is a rosy yellow-pink called “honeysuckle.” Pair a T-shirt or twinset in the hot shade and match it with turquoise jewellry. Or, look for a costume-jewellry necklace or earrings with rose-colored stones and match them with soft green or earthy brown clothes.

If pink isn’t your thing, try going with a cooler shade. “Regatta, a vibrant lighter blue, is also in the spring palette,” adds Graham. “Moonstones and orangey fire opals complement it.”

The Bigger, the Better
“We’re seeing more exaggerated ornamentation in clothes -- fringes are bigger, ruffles and ties are bigger -- and that means jewellry is larger in scale too,” says Michael O’Connor, celebrity stylist and style editor for QVC.com. “Try larger cocktail rings, necklaces and earrings. “Dallas”-style clip earrings are very much back!”

Freshen your spring look by buying one big statement piece and having fun pairing it with different ensembles. Try a pair of chandelier earrings with a flowing pants ensemble, or a super-chunky necklace with a casual T-shirt.

Layer It On
Don’t have the budget for trendy bib necklaces or knuckle rings? It’s easy to get creative by mixing and matching what you already have.

“Start with a pendant, add a choker of pearls and add a longer chain around the outside to frame it,” suggests O’Connor. Also try stacking a group of thin bracelets to achieve the big-bangle style that looks amazing with dresses and casual clothes alike. Or put three or four rings on the same finger for an up-to-date twist.

Go Global
Multicultural influences are cropping up in both clothes and jewellry. “We’re seeing more Southwest and Indian jewellry, as well as a rough-hewn, hammered unfinished gemstone look from Turkey,” says O’Connor. Go for bold chunky tribal earrings or necklaces to add pizzazz to your favorite jeans.

Complement Yourself
Keep your face and body shape in mind when you try on accessories. Long chandelier earrings are great if your face is round, but they can make a narrow face look even thinner; go for big button clips instead.

“If you have shorter arms, you want to avoid very wide cuff-style bracelets,” warns O’Connor. “Try stacking a few narrow bracelets.” Likewise, short, chunky bead necklaces will make a small bustline look curvier; for a leaner look, wear thin chains that go down to your midsection.

Photo: @iStockphoto.com/Nikada

by Shana Aborn