Match Your Style to Your Mood

On those days when you wake up with a smile on your face and a mission to spread your marvelous mood to the world, try showing it with your wardrobe. After all, nothing tells people how spectacular you’re feeling more than a great outfit and a little bit of confidence. 

Here, celebrity stylist Johanna Laracuente -- who’s worked with Eva Mendez, Paulina Rubio, Roselyn Sanchez and Barbara Bermudo -- weighs in on the best feeling-great style choices for every mood and occasion.

Your Mood: Confident, sexy and sophisticated

Where You’re Going: First date (or a date with your significant other)

What to Wear:

  • Go with heels. (Strappy sandals are great) They kick up your look to the next level and instantly help you exude sexiness and confidence.
  • Nothing says feminine more than a great dress. If you have nice legs, show them off with a shorter cut, but keep your top more conservative to stay sophisticated. Something silky, soft or draped can accentuate your assets and camouflage anything you might be insecure about.
  • Keep your trendy, flashy accessories at home. Instead, go with simple jewelry and bring a small clutch or shoulder bag. It’s all about you, not your necklace!

Your Mood: Relaxed, comfortable and carefree

Where You’re Going: Casual weekend trip or shopping

What to Wear:

  • Tie-dye is a big trend this summer and looks great on a lightweight sheath dress. Rompers and jumpers are also very current, whether in a bright color, like green or purple, or in denim or print.
  • Opt out of wearing flip-flops; for a great flat sandal, try metallic gladiators or a comfortable colorful wedge. Sneakers may say “relaxed,” but they don’t usually scream “fabulous.”
  • Now is the time to carry a big, fantastic bag. A hobo bag or tote in canvas or leather should be functional for carrying around all day long while still looking chic and put together.

Your Mood: Flirty, fun and attention-grabbing

Where You’re Going: Out with your girlfriends

What to Wear:

  • Separates are great for comfort. Some dark-rinse skinny jeans with a trendy metallic, sequined or ruffled top look fun, flirty and fashionable.
  • Platform heels are super-sexy. Find a pair that’s comfortable to avoid barefoot salsa dancing!
  • White, red and yellow look great on tan skin. Bright hues like this are sure to let people know you’re confident and feeling good.
  • Bring on the funky accessories! Don’t be afraid to wear a showstopping piece like a statement necklace and a great cocktail ring, and always bring a clutch. And nothing says “I’m feeling great” more than glowing skin, so apply some shimmer lotion on your bust, arms and legs.

Your Mood: Feminine, romantic and stunning

Where You’re Going: Wedding or party

What to Wear:

  • Black tie doesn’t necessarily mean black. Stand out from the sea of ebony with prints and colors. A long chiffon dress with draping or a high slit instead of a short dress speaks volumes.
  • Kick up your confidence and fabulous mood by taking advantage of shape-enhancing undergarments. Whether you’re a size 2 or a size 20, a smooth, contoured body always looks best under a dress.
For accessories, go with a metallic or bejeweled sandal and one statement jewelry piece paired with other simple accessories. Try a fun feather hairpin with a big cocktail ring, or a cuff bracelet with